The widow’s penny مونة فلس الأرملة
For I was hungry and you gave me food

Today, more than ever, Lebanon needs your urgent help after the terrible explosion of Beirut on august 4. Please help those who have lost everything!

The widow’s penny, مونة فلس الأرملة is an initiative of Nelly Maroun who appealed to her loved ones in Lebanon and elsewhere so she can raise funds in order to distribute  food boxes for needy families.

In view of the current crisis, she is resuming her initiative to help as many families as she can. Her geographic region extends from Ghazir coast to Nahr Ibrahim and Keserwan coast.

Our Lord taught us  to help the needy without waiting for return and without distinction between religion, color and gender.

Till now, your generosity helped 176 needy families with 195 food boxes and made them smile.

« He who has a generous eye will be blessed; for he shares his food with the poor ». (Proverbs 22.9)

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