Rifaq Al Darb
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At Rifaq El Darb, our goal is to provide care for vulnerable Lebanese citizens, particularly the elderly living in isolation and despair.

Our services include providing daily meals, medical assistance, rehabilitating damaged homes and offering basic household supplies.

We are now preparing food donation boxes and your generosity will be felt by many families and elderly who need us now more than ever!

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Tax information
The donation to "Rifaq El Darb" entitles the donor to a tax reduction in France because it meets the general conditions provided for in Articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code.
Individual: you can profit from a tax reduction up to 66% of your donation, up to 20% of your taxable income.
Organisation / Company
Company: all payments to "Rifaq El Darb" entitles you to a corporate tax reduction of 60% of the amount of these payments, taken within the limit of 5 / 1000 of the company's turnover excluding tax. Above 5 / 1000 or in the event of a deficit, the surplus is portable.