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‘Make a Difference LB’ is an initiative that started 4 years ago by a group of friends, in an effort to minimize the economic impact of the difficult periods and help support vulnerable individuals.

So far, we have helped around 3,000 families within a period of almost 6 months. To continue fulfilling the needs of these vulnerable groups, our organization relies on community support, like sponsorships and donations which sustain and helps us respond to such cases.

Given the situation, we have started a disaster relief in collaboration with Dear Lebanon, a UK based NGO. All proceeds will be directed to the relief of the affected families by the tragic explosion. Ever since the incident, we have been on the ground with over 300 volunteers which supported in cleaning up over 400 houses and distributing around 2,000 hot meals with bread and water to the affected families. We have also had teams that were surveying the affected areas to identify the needs of the families. In addition, we have provided the medications for almost 10 families and helped in the rehabilitation of several families in collaboration with Beit Al Baraka NGO. All this was happening in parallel to the food boxes distributions to people in need, with a specific focus on the affected areas such as Karantina, Gemmayze, Mar Mkhayel, and Ashrafieh.

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