Makassed Association
Give a helping hand for LEBANON

Help Beirut rise from the ashes.

We aim at supporting families affected by the massive Beirut blast.

Established in 1878, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut is a humanitarian association, which provides services within three main sectors: Education, health and social affairs.
Makassed strives to provide efficient and quality services to address the needs of the society and respond swiftly in times of crises.
After the Beirut blast, the Association deployed its volunteers, scouts, Mobile Medical Units (MMU), and logistic team on the ground to support people medically and mentally, and help them rebuild and clean the streets and their homes, in addition to providing food and basic needs to the affected people.
The efforts include:
• Restoring houses;
• Cleaning the streets;
• Providing food, medical supplies, and emergency and non-emergency services;
• Producing PPEs while empowering women and providing work opportunities at Makassed’s women empowerment center, Ward Al Makassed.

Help us support more than 10,000 suffering families.

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