Farah El Sama - Joy of Heaven
Together we rise Beirut and its citizens from ashes

Our Mission: Support the humanitarian community with aid and assistance they need with confidence, dignity and safety.
Serve and develop the society, respect public institutions and practicing politics with impartiality and generosity in giving and being open to others without discrimination. Ensure that community awareness is spread and social values that develop individual capabilities and skills to prevent adequate challenges facing society.

Encouraging and motivating women to take initiatives to activate their role in decision-making positions.

- Even Before the Beirut Blast, food insecurity had been growing each month in Lebanon in addition to unemployment and poverty, not to mention a strained health care due to the effects of COVID-19, our objective in this tough time is to provide food parcels for affected family directly and indirectly.

- Over 300+ will benefit from the food distribution

- Over 300.000 Homeless people are waiting for your help, Hurry up and DONATE now!!

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