Don't Count it, Make it Count!
إذا عنجد بتفرق معك، عنجد معك بتفرق

We need your precious contribution to accomplish our mission with the poorest families for whom we will be distributing food and meat and chicken. It will be in the North Region and we still need 50 families to help.

Equipe Missionnaire De La Charité located at Saint Charles School for Daughters of Charity, Achrafieh-Rizk, was founded 6 years ago. Inspired by the spirituality and service of Daughters of Charity in Middle East, it includes laity members from 20 to 60 years' old who gather to pray together, share faith experiences lived by serving the poorest of the poor.

Our mission:
• Mission of the Streets and support for families and homeless in difficulties in poor neighborhood in Beirut: Medical support, Food Parcels.
• Id b Id Project, a support program aiming at offering support to people impacted by the situation along the support of small businesses.

We are counting on your generosity to help spread joy in the hearts of the families we serve.

Information on exchange rate:
On the platform prices of the products are still at the official rate: 1 DOLLAR = 1 500 L.L and 1 EURO = 1.18 DOLLAR.
In reality all donations in USD or Euros coming from outside Lebanon are considered as “Fresh” and will be exchanged at a more attractive rate than that of the bank to be able to buy more products for the charity.

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Tax information
The donation to "Equipe Missionaire De La Charite" does not entitle the donor to a tax reduction in France because it does not meet the general conditions provided for in Articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code.