Terre Liban - Bisri Team
Help the Bisri Team Save the Valley

Terre Liban* is launching for Bisri Team a crowd funding campaign to respond to forest fires in the Bisri Valley.
Participation starts at $20 to provide the team with a small fire Jeep equipped with portable pumps, tanks, and other needed equipment for wildland firefighters.

The lack in firefighting materials is a primary cause in the propagation of forest fires and in the last months we have witnessed many fires in Bisri valley and in large mountainous areas of the country.
Our target through this campaign is to prevent and fight forest fires in Bisri valley and have the appropriate and needed equipment for rapid intervention especially that the local civil defence groups are located in far regions from the valley and in such disaster emergency response times matter.

Every donation counts, help us save Bisri valley!

* TERRE Liban is an independent Lebanese non-governmental organization founded in 1995 and officially registered under the decree-law 106/AD in 2002. It aims to help, preserve and protect Lebanon’s natural resources and change people’s behaviors and habits through environmental education.

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