Spread The Bread
Loving Beirut, one bite at a time!

In June 2020, Spread The Bread was launched to add value to hot meals(by adding one Rabtit Khebez) sent out by existing NGOs to make them last & feed more people (ie: families).

We have decided to adapt to the ever growing needs that emerged by working with NGOs & social workers to provide food to hospitals, front-liners & families in need. We also work with NGOs who work with specific causes and provide meals (ie: Rifaq el Dareb, AJEM, Tawarek, etc).

Just a month after August 4th, donations have almost completely stopped which makes planning the extremely tight budget almost impossible, thanks to the exponentially growing needs. Between the main necessities and supplies that go in the family boxes, the bread, the hot meals and the sandwiches, we have been planning just a few days ahead and making it work so far.

All the donations will go to families in Nabaa, in Rmeil, in Geitawi & in Bourj Hammoud, to doctors’ teams, and to social workers who work with specific families. We help a total of 450 families weekly, se we hope to be able to prepare at least 60 boxes & send the ingredients to our partners to prepare the hot meals!

A pack of milk became a luxury instead of a staple, the price of a Rabta almost doubled, and we made a vow to provide meals on the long term, any little contribution for you could go a long way and help more that you know!!

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