Nation Station
Empowerment over charity

Nation Station chooses empowerment over charity.

Rather than to provide the affected community with temporary aid or momentary relief, Nation Station provides the means and resources for long-term, self-sustaining solutions. This philosophy of community involvement is reflected throughout Nation Station’s projects.
Households are assessed by trained members of the community, street by street, building by building, case by case.
The collected data is maintained and analyzed in a CRM to allow for reliable help, directly or through referrals to specialized NGOs.
When assessed, Nation Station is able to identify precisely the need of each person, of each family.

Nation Station's main activities focus on providing food, healthcare and shelter.
The relationship between volunteers and beneficiaries is not one way only. In fact, Nation Station, besides providing primary needs to those in need, also integrates its beneficiaries in its activities in order to foster human interaction.

Concerning the provision of food, Nation Station has two formulas: each day 300 hot meals are either delivered or picked-up ; moreover, around 50 to 60 boxes, containing food for two weeks or a month, are delivered each week.
Being at the forefront of humanitarian relief, Nation Station members saw the need for a wider alimentary campaign, and a better sustainable food assurance in the neighborhood of Geitawi.

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