Rehabilitate 3 homes with love
Your contribution is our resilience

Live2share is a charitable, non-profit , non governmental , non-political organization , founded in 2010 wanting to condemn poverty to history.

We hold sacred our commitment to service the most vulnerable in our community, as we strongly believe happiness is only real when shared.

Currently our outreach assistance to the community includes emergency assistance for those seeking help with basic human needs such as food, medication & education. Today we managed to help & still helping around 350 families.

As of the Beirut blast, we centred our activities on emergency food, including cooked meals, food parcels, water, and clothes.

Today we are expanding our outreach to help rebuild 3 homes that are badly damaged by the explosion. We highly appreciate if you could help us bring back a roof to 3 families in great need of our support. Your contributions are our resilience on such hard days.

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