Together for a better community
Hand-in-Hand (إيد بإيد حتى بيروت نعيد والخير يزيد)

HandShake is a non-profit initiative launched in April 2020 & represented by the founder Farah Abla.‎

As you know, Lebanon is encountering a serious economic/financial crisis in addition to Covid-19 pandemic & ‎Beirut Explosion arising to the front line of major causes for people’s bad living situations. Most people ‎now are struggling to get a minimum living, many are homeless (especially due to ‎the Beirut Blast)...

With so many goals & in the pursuit of standing by the less fortunate, HandShake started a volunteering initiative that ‎requires further support on various levels to fulfill its goals.‎ This is why we are seeking donations & support so we can stand by our people.‎
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Ways of HandShake support:‎
‎1. Donations/Charities from people & businesses paid in cash or by providing products/services ‎free to our HandShake initiative are distributed to targeted people immediately. ‎
‎2. Helping jobless people who are job seekers in 2 ways:‎ • matching qualifications to a vacant position (businesses part is ‎providing us with updated vacancies list on a monthly basis) & • via our CV writing & edit services
‎3. Sorting recyclable trash & selling it to recycling facilities to raise extra funds.

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Tax residents in France are entitled to a tax reduction for their donations to HandShake. All they have to do is to tick the French resident box at the last step.