Haddak Men B3id
Help us help others.

In April 2020, Haddak men b3id was established as a volunteer‐led initiative founded by 9 childhood friends. Together we became a team determined to make an impact and support the less fortunate.

The reason behind the name “Haddak men b3id” is to emphasize the physical, financial and emotional support and reinforcement we want to provide while also being very cautious in implementing the proper safety requirements necessary for their well‐being and ours, hence, it means next to you from a distance. We were united by one goal; to lend a helping hand to individuals and families that were financially in a devastating condition because of the Covid‐19 pandemic and economic crisis.

Our objective is to provide essential and basic food items to the less fortunate individuals and families and this is being done through our social media platforms, public relations, and contacts abroad.

Our outreach officers collect the donated goods, sanitize them, and deliver them. We maintain the highest form of safety precautions as well as the respect of confidentiality.

We firmly believe that the smallest donation can make a difference…. and it does. In hard times like these, let’s make life for others a bit easier.

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