Help Families in Tripoli
We Rise by Lifting Others

FONDATION AL TAWAREK is a non-governmental organization founded in 1992 in Tripoli-Lebanon whose mission is to provide food necessities to nearly 600 families in need living and facing the difficult economic circumstances of the country. The needs are terribly increasing and the number of families requesting our help expanded beyond our capacity. The families in Tripoli are often forgotten and our aim is to help them and to create a supportive community.
Our NGO operates through a center in Tripoli which opens every Saturday by welcoming an overall of 1700 people until today;
Each family has the opportunity to visit the center one Saturday per month by having free access to the following: donated clothes for children, adults and elderly people as well as shelves of all kind of foods and hygiene necessities;
We recently started also offering a fresh market of fruits and vegetables and well as hot cooked meals to our families. 
FONDATION AL TAWAREK mainly relies on donations, sponsorships and contributions.
As a result of the growing needs in Lebanon, our organization is thereby seeking help in order to be able to ensure additional food supplies to the growing number of families in need relying on us to get through the month. 
Based on all the above, we kindly ask for your support to help us continue our mission during these trying and difficult times.

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