DCL Holiday Season Gifts
Let's put a smile on children's face

This holiday season, let us not leave children hungry. Let us spread happiness, hope and peace to those in Lebanon who struggle to put food on the table. Support DCL as we raise funds to finance and distribute food parcels each containing an assortment of food items like rice, burghul, pasta, cheese, powder milk and halawa) among Lebanese families in various needy regions in Lebanon.

The prices are in $ calculated according to the conversion rate fixed by the Lebanese Central Bank and the Government aids fixed for each product.
For legal purposes, the conversion rate that you will find on this website is the official rate given by the Lebanese Government (1$=1500 LBP).
In reality all donations in USD or Euros coming from outside Lebanon are considered as “Fresh” and will be exchanged at a more attractive rate than that of the bank to be able to buy more products for the charity.

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Tax information
The donation to "Development, Culture and Leadership (DCL)" does not entitle the donor to a tax reduction in France because it does not meet the general conditions provided for in Articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code.