Basmat Farah Association
Hand in Hand we can make a difference

Our beloved Beirut needs you more than ever. Today we call upon all of you to help us hand in hand help the Lebanese victims.
More than 200 dead, 6000 wounded and 300,000 who lost their houses and are being homeless or contained in schools!
Your support means the world to us as you will be contributing in helping support all the needy families who got badly affected by the explosion.

BFL team and volunteers are working so hard on ground to help and support families in need in every way possible. We have been distributing food boxes that consists of 16 essential food supplies. Distributing bread and hot meals door to door to the affected families; clothes and ladies needs! We are there to help in any way....


Please donate today, don't turn your back to those in need!
You are the reason in making this happen! Help us draw some smiles and ease the pain!
We count on you. Even a little will make a huge difference and becomes a lot :)
God bless Lebanon and our people!

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