Milk for our babies

A call for donations: Lebanon's babies are deprived of milk!
In Lebanon, misfortunes follow one another and yet are not alike.
Babies are currently being fed rice water and sugar water because infant milk is either unavailable or way too expensive. And why is it unaffordable? Simply because the "government" has decided to lift the subsidy on infant milk!
This measure has obviously created a shortage of the product in the marketplace.
In this regard, I am honored to inform you that Achrafieh 2020 has always refused and will always refuse to take part in the dirty game of the infamous "databases", which requests to disclose the names of families benefiting from its social support, and to provide a photocopy of their identity cards.
The fallacy of the so-called generous donors offering milk to NGOs? We need it to be fully transparent, lest the goods be sold!
The ugly truth is sadly quite different. The database trafficking benefits a mafia that uses and sells these databases to corrupt politicians, who use them in turn for electoral purposes, to say the least.
Moreover, when they are offered to distribute their so-called donations with a stamp clearly mentioning "DONATION, NOT FOR SALE", they recant, invoking all sorts of absurd reasons that prove once again their dishonesty.
Therefore, we launch an urgent appeal to our amazing Lebanese diaspora around the world. To this diaspora, we ask to join efforts to make sure that our babies have the milk they need.

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